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Wonderful Experience

I had three wonderful sessions with Pierre-Michaël and would recommend his services to any interested party. What more can be said?

Jack K.

Wonderful experience

I had never experienced reflexology until a recent session with Pierre-Michaël. It was a wonderful and almost magical experience. I found myself in a semi-dream state by the end and the whole experience was refreshing and invigorating. Pierre-Michaël clearly « connects » with his customers on many levels and I was very sad to hear that he will be leaving our area soon. Our loss will be someone’s gain. Highly recommended!

Jeffrey D.


Pierre-Michaël communicates his professionalism, knowledge, kindness, and generosity through his touch. A session is pure nirvana.

Janet C. J.

An Incredible Experience

I signed up for reflexology in the spring of 2018. I had never tried it before, but had always heard great things. I was very, very impressed. First, Pierre-Michaël has set up the most beautiful and serene studio very close to my home. I was so delighted to be able to find this healing service within blocks of where I live! Second, Pierre-Michaël was so interested to hear all about my aches and pains. He spent a lot of time going through my health history with me, and was sincerely interested in learning more about what I was experiencing so that he could best help me. The treatment was more relaxing and healing than I had ever expected it would be. It feels as if you go to another place entirely. I am a convert!

Heather G.

Pure Relaxation

I went to see Pierre-Michaël three times in the past few months and each time felt incredibly relaxed and stress free. He is very good at what he does and is very warm and personable. I would highly recommend seeking his services.

Sara T.

Best Reflexology Ever!

Pierre-Michaël is a wonderful reflexology practitioner! I’m a long time fan of reflexology and was thrilled with Pierre-Michael’s services. I am devastated that he is moving out of Washington, DC. He really is wonderful!

Mary A.

The Magic Touch

I go to Pierre-Michaël for weekly reflexology sessions. They are not only relaxing, but healing. I believe some people are born with magic in their hands and Pierre-Michaël is definitely one of them. Not only do my feet feel wonderful while I’m receiving the treatment, but I notice an energy current running through my body. My face and hands tingle and I float in and out of a dream while I’m on the table. I leave the sessions feeling more grounded, positive, and overall healthy. I would recommend Pierre-Michaël’s healing touch to anyone looking to improve their stress level, boost their immune system, or tap into the body’s intuitive healing capacity.

Melina B.

The best way to relax

I have been to Pierre-Michaël a few times over the last few months and love how much he seems to care about me and my well-being. He is a skilled practitioner working deep from his heart and I always leave feeling better and more at peace after seeing him.

Heather S.

Total relaxation through your feet

I found out about reflexology by Pierre-Michaël via the Palisades listserv. Reflexology is the ancient Chinese therapy that believes that the feet (as well as the hands and other parts of the body) are reflex areas for every part of the body. Therefore feet massage is a practice to soothe different parts of the body. But most importantly, the reflexology experience is immensely relaxing and pleasurable, allowing deep rest and often resulting in blissful sleep.
I wish Pierre-Michel much success in his future endeavors. Too bad he has to leave the Palisades.

Cora S.

I testify to serenity available at the Sole and the Sky

I have been to Pierre-Michaël Ittah’s office several times between 2017 and 2018. Before visiting Mr Ittah last year I had never tried reflexology. The relaxation I receive after each visit gives me serenity as well as renewed inner energy to pursue whatever work I have to do afterwards. I agree with everything Florence said in her testimonial.

Maria F.